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Ventilated Wire Shelving


to Use

Find the perfect outfit with ease

Free-Slide is a Ventilated shelving system, designed to allow for free movement of your hangers without obstruction of the rod supports. Custom cut to fit down to the very inch, in any space, no matter the size.  

A place for all things

organize your home

With Linen Shelves made with 30% more steel than the competitors, and superior hardware, you can rest assured knowing that this product provides the strength and durability you will need to meet the needs of an active family & daily use.


Setting The Standard

Clean, Simple, economical

The Standard Shelf & Rod Ventilated shelving system is the perfect choice when functionality is the main concern. Much like the Free Slide system, the Standard Shelf & Rod system is also custom cut to fit in any space. However, to accommodate for weight distribution there are supports every 12" along the rod. 

The Perfect Option For Price Conscious Projects


Designed with everyday needs in mind & made with the thickest wire gauge available. Built to last a lifetime & finished with a virtually indestructible epoxy coating


Engineered & constructed strong enough to hold 60 pounds per linear foot. Wire shelves are available in 9", 12", & 16" Depths to fit all your needs. All Shelves are manufactured with epoxy powder coating to resist cracking, chipping, peeling and discoloration for a  lifetime.


Please note all ventilated wire shelving is non-adjustable.


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