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Strength Meets Design

Timeless look that will last a lifetime

Classica is a furniture grade shelving system, made with the most durable and strongest hardware in the industry. It is able to withstand the tests of time and frequent use. Made custom to fit down to the very inch, it maximizes storage to achieve the full potential of your closet.

Enhance Your Mornings

Walk into your dream closet

Your dream closet can become a reality with us. We can help you create a walk-in closet as unique as you are. Make your  closet really work for you by adding shelves for your prized shoe collection, extra hanging for your out-of-season wardrobe, and drawers to store delicates.

Take Back Your Space

Store efficiently to keep things running smoothly

Whether you're getting dressed, doing the laundry, or simply getting ready for bed your closet should be beautiful and organized. You use your closets many times a day, every day, so it is important that they suit all of your needs.

The Finished Look & Feel You Were Searching For


Classica can turn any ordinary storage area into a stylish, easy to navigate & functional space that you'll be proud to show off to anyone who walks into your home.



Engineered & constructed from durable 3/4" thick melamine. Classica units are available in 14", 19", and even 24" depths to fit all your needs. With Decorative, Flat, or Shaker style Doors and Drawers, Corner Shelves and Accessories you can truly tailor any space to your desire.


Classica units can either be floor mounted to use all space available, wall mounted to get everything off the floor, or even a combination of both to fit your needs.


Classica Finishes.JPG
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