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Freedom Rail functions with a rail & furniture grade adjustable shelving system, made with the strongest steel hardware in the industry. It's versatility, beauty, & strength is unmatched by any other product of similar design. It is made custom to fit your space with room for growth.

The "Grow As You Go" System

Wonderfully constructed to adapt to every part of your home, this truly adjustable system allows you to move shelves, drawers, hanging rods up, down, left, or right whenever your needs change.


Engineered & constructed with up to 50% more steel than most adjustable storage systems. Freedom Rail shelves are available in 8", 12", 14", and even 21" Depths to fit all your needs.


With tough cabinetry, shelving, steel, and a wide variety of accessories you can keep everything nice & neat and off the floor. Freedom Rail goes up fast and once the rail is mounted, all other components will snap right into place.

Available Freedom Rail Finish Options:

Freedom Rail No Cherry.JPG
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